Emily Hedrick grew up in southeastern PA, where her parents and older sister still reside today. She left PA to study Vocal Music and Bible and Religion at Goshen College. While in college, she fell in love with the Midwest, working on a friend’s family farm for two summers. After pursuing her childhood calling to ministry by getting an M.Div, Emily felt the call to return from Wake Forest University School of Divinity back to the Midwest, specifically, to Lima Mennonite Church.

“What I love about Lima Mennonite Church is the genuine feeling of care for one another I experience in the congregation. This is a unique group of people who can glorify God both by joking around, enjoying each other and by joining together in worship – and both of these things happen on Sundays!”  

Emily believes God is always present, especially in the earthiness of everyday life. All we need do is take time to notice. She's excited about pursuing her calling by walking with faith communities as they encounter an incarnational God that's been with them the whole time, following in the footsteps of Christ. 

In her spare time Emily loves pursuing a good story (whether through reading, theater, conversation, or exploring), writing (check out her book True Confessions of a God Killer), and experimenting in the kitchen – but only if there are people around to try her new creations! She also enjoys traveling, having spent a summer working in the kitchen in Iona Abbey, Scotland and a semester studying in Guatemala and Mexico. She’s always up for a well-steeped cup of tea and interesting conversation!

Email Emily at limamcpastor@gmail.com

Photo Credit:  Chelsea Wimmer